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Refined cotton growing price makes cellulose ether price increase


According to authoritative reports, the refined cotton price has grown up at RMB11000(equal to USD1674) per ton on May 31,2016 from RMB8900(equal to USD1371) per ton on April 29,2016.

Unbelievably, the price on March 31 is RMB4200(equial to USD650) per ton.

Of course, as the main raw material for cellulose ether, the price affects the cellulose ether's trend.

In China, most of cellulose ether declared to increase the price

and next they will tell their overseas'clients the new price.

Even the other countries cellulose ether producers using wooden pulp not cotton pulp are not affected by refined cotton price,

they will adjust their price according to the main source-China'doing.

To save the clients'cost, C.S.C suggest the potential purchaser to place an order A.S.A.P.

So that we can keep the price for you even the goods does not need to be shipped at once.