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Oxide Ethyl Price Increases on Dec.21,2016


Chinese winter Haze increases the price of Oxide Ethyl 

                                                                          ----Marketing Depart of Chemix Specialty Chemical Co.,ltd


It was said that most of Chinese oxide ethyl suppliers increased the price by RMB300 to RMB500 per ton since Dec.21,2016.

The main reason is because of Chinese winter haze(heavy polluted fog).

In China, recent years, the winter haze covers a lot of places especially the north places around Beijing.

As we know, the main provinces such as Hebei, Shandong, Henan province has many various factories, especailly the chemical ones. To protect environment is the present government task right now and in the future.

As the winer comes in late of Oct,2016, the central government starts issuing many plans to limit blowing the waste gas off.

So many chemical factories was closed or prohibitted producing.

Unfortunately, most of Oxide ethyl producer such as Sinopec(Northeastern co.),Jining Petro, Liaoning North Chemical are located around Beijing.

What's worse, the consumption factories on Oxide Ethyl such as Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose set up in south of China where little haze appears.

That is to say, the supplying reduces a lot while the demand is same with before.

Some expert claims that if the situation will not change in next year, the sustained supplying is difficult.

If that, we cannot stop the price soaring.